Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Favorite Stores

Right now there's a few and they all happen to be webstores....

I got tuned into Hydrahead when I went looking for some Lustmord.....there is always some neat new stuff coming out at Hydrahead ...If it wasn't for them I never would have found Scissorfight or Torche......which was like finding an old friend because I had been listening to them when they were called "Floor" a way back when.....who knew?

AmRep is probably one of the best stores out there.....not a ton of stuff to be had but pretty much every little bit of music is worth listening to - you almost just want to buy the whole damn catalog. (if you could find all the hopelessly out of print goodies!) Well actually if you pay attention you pretty much can catch them as they come out. They put out a lot of very limited releases and if you snooze you may never see them again..... you will find Artists like the Melvins, Cows, Halo of Flies.....well just go check it out.... its nice that if you miss the releases there are MP3s and you can check out samples. Plus check those lighters out - Flame Right!

The End / Omega Mailorder is a good spot to find metally hardcore and some punkish stuff.....they do some exclusives and limited ed releases as well...

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